I found it good to be able to visually understand the operation of the patient interview.

I found it good to be able to visually understand the operation of the patient interview.
Suidobashi Derma Clinic


The Suidobashi Dermatology Clinic is a dermatology clinic located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, offering 24-hour web-based appointments and focusing on cosmetic dermatology in addition to general dermatology.

We interviewed Dr. Kamishima, the director of the clinic, about the background to the introduction of the Melp web-based consultation system and how it is uniquely used.

- What made you decide to introduce Melp?

When I was preparing to start my own business, I was introduced to the service by a doctor friend of mine.

- How did you feel after actually receiving a demonstration of the service?

I thought it was good that the operation of the patient interview was easy to understand visually.

- Did you have any concerns about the introduction of the system?

I was worried about whether it would really shorten the time of medical treatment. We were concerned about whether it would really shorten the treatment time.
In dermatology, a large percentage of patients are judged by their eyes, and we don't ask as many questions as we do in internal medicine.

- What were your concerns after you actually started using Melp?

I think the paperwork for the receptionist has become easier.
However, in the case of receptionists who are very unfamiliar with computer operations, such as not being able to copy and paste, if they neglect to check the patient's name, etc., they may end up putting in a web inquiry for a different patient.

- Please let us know if there are any areas for improvement.

There is nothing in particular that I would like to see greatly improved in this part of the Melp, but for patients who are taking many medications, it seems to be difficult to type in the name of the medication.

- You're right. We will consider developing the system so that when the patient takes a picture of the medication booklet, the text will be automatically entered. How was the electronic medical interview for the influenza vaccine?

I liked the fact that I didn't have to sign in every time, and that there was no paper left behind.
The receptionist didn't have any trouble with the operation either.

- By the way, did the patients say anything about it? I think they usually fill out a medical questionnaire on paper.

Patients liked the convenience of being able to enter the influenza questionnaire at home or elsewhere in advance.

- Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the hearing today.