Patients also feel reassured that they have been able to communicate their symptoms.

Patients are also experiencing a sense of relief that they have been able to communicate their symptoms.
Nitta Otolaryngology | Otorhinolaryngology


Shinden Otolaryngology is an otolaryngology clinic located in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Dr. Nitta signed up for Melp on the spot and started using it the next day, and it's no exaggeration to say that Melp Web Diagnostics continues today.

We interviewed Dr. Nitta, the director of the hospital, about the background of the introduction of Melp Web Diagnosis and the unique way of using it.

- What made you decide to introduce Melp?

I decided to introduce it right away, so I made a credit card payment on the spot and even set up the electronic medical record linkage.
I had created the website myself, so I put up the web inquiry button on the same day and started operation the next day.

- Thank you very much. By the way, had you considered web-based medical interviewing before that?

Our clinic receives close to 120 patients a day, and 60-70% of them use it. We are able to input changes in the symptoms of patients who come back for a second visit, which leads to more efficient work before the consultation. Also, the work associated with the use of medical questionnaires has been greatly reduced, which has been well received by the office staff.

Some patients used to be too nervous to talk in front of the doctor, or forgot to say something, but by answering the questions on the chat beforehand, they seem to feel relieved that they were able to tell the doctor about their symptoms. It has been well received.

- Please let me know if there are any improvements.

I would like to see the status automatically switch to "Sent" when a medical question is sent from the app to the electronic medical record. (This is currently being addressed.)