This is especially useful for new patients who come with complex symptoms

This is especially useful for new patients who come in with complicated symptoms.
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Watanabe Internal Medicine Clinic is an internal medicine and gastroenterology clinic located in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The clinic specializes in gastroenterology, so it offers a wide range of services, including gastroscopy, constipation, diarrhea, and other abdominal symptoms, as well as general internal medicine, lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia, colds, and placenta injections.

We interviewed Ms. Watanabe, a staff member, about the background of the introduction and operation of the Melp web-based questionnaire.

- What made you decide to introduce Melp?

When I happened to have some time on my hands, I read an article in Nikkei Business about I happened to see an article about Melp Web Diagnosis in Nikkei Business. The moment I saw it, I thought, "This is it! and contacted.

- Thank you very much. By the way, had you ever considered web-based medical questionnaire before?

No, we had not. We didn't know that such a service existed in the first place, so we were operating with paper medical questionnaires and electronic medical records.

- How did you feel after the demonstration of Melp?

I wanted to actually try it out. At the same time, I also felt that it would be easy for patients to use and that I would not like it if patients found it troublesome.

- When you actually started using Melp, how was it for you?

The receptionist's work has become much easier. It is particularly useful when you want to ask about symptoms such as abdominal pain, whether there is diarrhea or blood in the stool, and other details. Since the patient can take his or her time to think while entering the web medical questionnaire, more detailed information will be sent in advance than if the patient is interviewed at the reception desk.

Some patients with complex symptoms may only be able to fill out a simple questionnaire, in which case the reception staff will go to the patient's side and interview them about their symptoms in detail before filling out the questionnaire.

- I see, so how do you guide people through the web-based medical questionnaire?

First of all, we take a glance at the patients who come to the clinic, and judge their approximate age and whether or not they are using a smartphone by their atmosphere.

If the person has a smartphone, I will ask, "We use a web-based questionnaire, if you would like to fill it out here? For those who have a smartphone, we ask, "We use a web-based questionnaire at our clinic.

I think it is quicker for patients to fill out the web medical questionnaire on their own devices, so we do not give them tablet devices to fill out the web medical questionnaire on.
On the other hand, for elderly patients, patients who don't have smartphones, and patients who are confused even for a moment when we inform them about the web-based medical questionnaire, we either give them a paper medical questionnaire or have a staff member enter the questionnaire on their behalf on a tablet device while listening to their questions.
Recently, the percentage of young patients has been increasing, so many patients fill out the web questionnaire.

- Can you tell us about the good points of using Melp?

Until now, the receptionist would sometimes ask questions based on the contents of the paper questionnaire, but some patients were uncomfortable with their personal information being exposed because there were other patients around.

Since we started using Melp, we can ask patients about their symptoms in detail on Melp, so we don't have to ask patients about their symptoms in detail at the reception desk, which has improved patients' privacy.

- Thank you very much. Can you tell us about areas for improvement?

I would like to know how to customize the medical questionnaire. In our clinic, we have been using the same model questionnaire that we received when we first signed the contract. I would like to customize it, but I haven't been able to take the time to do so, so to be honest, the medical questionnaire is not yet sent in the most appropriate form for the director.

- You are welcome to send us a copy of the questionnaire.

Thank you very much. I will send you an email with a summary later.