Pricing(Except Chile)


$50 /month/license

✔︎ Send medical questionnaire up to 500 per month
✔︎ Making a medical questionnaire
✔︎ Customize medical questionnaire display
✔︎ Patient triage function
✔ ︎Linkage with Electronic Medical Records
✔︎ Questionnaire aggregation function
✔︎ Questionnaire Label function
✔︎ Patient notification distribution function


$150 /month/license

All the benefits of Standard, plus:

✔︎ Send medical questionnaire up to 2000 per month
✔︎ Questionnaire scoring function
✔︎ CSV output function for medical questionnaire
✔︎ OCR function

Frequently asked questions

With which electronic medical records(EMRs) can Melp be integrated?

It can be linked to all EMRs. Melp can be linked to EMRs that are not connected to the Internet, so please feel free to contact us.

Is there a fee to change my current EMR?

There is no charge for the migration of EMRs. In addition, you can set up the linkage on your side without the need to meet with the EMR vendor, so you can start using your EMR from the day you transfer it.

Will the web-based questionnaire be saved forever?

In accordance with the "Guidelines for the Safe Management of Medical Information Systems," the information is stored on Melp for a minimum of 5 years.

I have a concern about security, is it safe?

We ensure the security of communication (SSL communication), regular backups, physically secure server management using AWS, and log management. In addition, to ensure the level of security, we have acquired ISMS (ISO27001), an international standard, by the end of 2020.

Is it possible to customize the medical questionnaire?

Since we issue consultation management accounts for clinics, the contents of web-based questionnaire can be editted at any time from the management screen and confirmed in real time.

Do I have to create all the web-based questionnaires from scratch?

No, you don't have to. When you sign up for the service, you will be installed with a templatequestionnaire for each medical department that we have prepared, so all you have to do is to edit those templates.

I have a paper medical record, but can I print out the contents of the web-based questionnaire?

Yes, it is possible to print out the contents of the medical questionnaire in paper-based format.

How should I operate the system for elderly people or other people who do not have smartphones?

The clinic can prepare one tablet device and give it to the patient to answer in the waiting room, or use a paper questionnaire for those who do not have a smartphone.

Is it possible to change the medical questionnaire after implementation? If so, what will be the fee?

Yes, you can make changes to the medical questionnaire. Please do so at any time at the clinic. No new fees will be charged.

Is it possible to integrate with a reservation system?

Since the Melp can be accessed by clicking on a link, it can also be linked to the appointment system (for example, a link to the questionnaire can be attached to an appointment completion e-mail).

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